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Website Links

This page contain links to other useful and knowledgeable websites.

Section 1: Astronomy
Section 2: Earthquake
Section 3: Event
Section 4: Lemon Battery
Section 5: Knowledge
Section 6: Food
Section 7: Wildlife
Section 8: Open Source
Section 9: Other

Section 1: AstronomyTo top of page.

ObservatoryThe South African Astronomical Observatory. Centre for optical and infrared astronomy in South Africa, Cape Town. The South African Astronomical Observatory website referenced by
ObservatoryThe Southern African Large Telescope (SALT). A telescope consisting of the largest hexagonal mirror array of 11 metres in the southern hemisphere. The Southern African Large Telescope website referenced by
IYA2009October 2008 is astronomy month and the whole year of 2009 is astronomy year. The IYA2009 website is a global initiative advertising 2009 as a year of astronomy. The IYA2009 has assembled a CD containing knowledgeable information on the subject of astronomy for the public, but teachers especially may benefit. Information contained on the CD include software programs Cartes du Ciel (printing of star charts), Stellarium (simulation of the sky), Celestia (three dimensional simulation), Virtual Moon Atlas (electronic moon chart) and will greatly enhance your enjoyability of the universe ! IYA2009 website referenced by
Astronomy100 Hours of Astronomy held internationally in 2009 from the 2nd of April to the 5th of April. Getting as many people as possible to scrutinize the night sky through a telescope, featuring live webcasts, observing events, sidewalk astronomy, observing sessions, etc. 100 Hours of Astronomy website referenced by
AstronomyLight pollution, light visible to the naked eye is a serious problem for astronomy viewing the night sky. Dark Sky Awareness addresses this issue to educate the general public on effective methods of minimising light pollution. Dark Skies Awareness website referenced by
AstronomyCount the visible stars in a constellation and report your findings from October 20th to November 3rd 2008. Download magnitude charts and nighttime activity guides. Loads of knowledgeable fun for family and friends ! Great World Wide Star Count website referenced by
AstronomyDownload sky maps, your route map to night sky success ! Books, planispheres, astro charts, posters, DVDs, software, astro photography, calendars, telescopes, binoculars, section for kids, star atlas. South Africa is situated in the Southern Hemisphere. Sky Maps website referenced by
AstronomyBrowse highlights of astronomy with a picture daily ! Picture Daily website referenced by
AstronomyRead more about different telescopes and eyepieces, telescope ranking list, advice for beginners, etc. Orion, Meade, Celestron, etc. The Telescope Review website referenced by
AstronomyWelcome to Willie Koorts's (South Africa) interesting web page about astronomy, the making of telescopes, satellite tracking and many more topics. Willie Koorts's Astronomy website referenced by
AstronomyBeautiful photos of the universe taken by the magnificent Hubble Telescope. Topics include photos, information, art, awards and future of the Hubble Telescope. The Hubble Heritage Project website referenced by
AstronomyGalilean Nights, a global initiative of stargazing from 22-24 October 2009. Galilean Nights website referenced by
AstronomySky and Telescope Magazine. Sky and Telescope Magazine website referenced by

Section 2: EarthquakeTo top of page.

QuakeThe World-Wide Earthquake LocatorThis site aims to provide up-to-date information and detailed dynamic maps of earthquakes across the world within a maximum of 24 hours of their occurence. The World-Wide Earthquake Locator website referenced by
QuakeEarthquake Maps and InformationProvides information on Making Your Home Safer, Preparing Your Business, Kid Zone/Puzzles, Preparing for Traffic, Hazmat and Dam Failure, Shaking Maps / Info, Liquefaction Maps / Info, Transportation Damage, Housing Loss Modeling, Other Natural Hazards, Links. Earthquake Maps and Information website referenced by
QuakeMy Homebuilt SeismometerLIVE data from Fred Bruenjes' seismometer, updated every 10 minutes. Fred Bruenjes' Homebuilt Seismometer website referenced by
QuakeThe Pacific Northwest Seismograph NetworkSeismosurfing the Internet for Earthquake Data - Expanded Version. Links to original seismic data or seismic research information. The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network website referenced by
QuakeEarthquake Engineering Research InstitutePowerpoint presentations, Seattle fault scenario website, Conferences, Outreach plan in earthquake engineering. Earthquake Engineering Research Institute website referenced by
QuakeWikipedia The Free EncyclopediaThe 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, known by the scientific community as the Sumatra-Andaman earthquake, also known as the Boxing Day Tsunami. Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia website referenced by

Section 3: EventTo top of page.

ScienceScience festival sponsored by Sasol, in Grahamstown, March. Sasol Scifest website referenced by
ScienceS2A3 every first Wednesday of the month, UP. S2A3 website referenced by
GeologyCouncil for Geoscience colloquium programme and open day. Danie Barnardo +27 (0)12 841 1072. Council for Geoscience website referenced by
BinocsBird walks, grass walks, tree walks, spider walks. Cheryl Dehning +27 (0)11 316 1426.-
HistorySmuts House Museum supper talks, every third Thursday of the month. Sue +27 (0)12 667 2183.-
CarRacingSASOL Mini Baja® Challenge. Vehicles designed and build by students, promoting mechanical engineering, global initiative. Loads of action, fun and food, October. +27 (0)82 233 4321. SASOL Mini Baja® Challenge website referenced by UP Baja website referenced by
ScienceNational Science Week in May. National Science Week website referenced by
BinocsYebo Gogga an annual event held in October. Learn more about natural sciences at the University of the Witwatersrand ! Yebo Gogga website referenced by
BooksBooks and more books in the month of March ! Spend a couple of days in the exciting and adventurous world of writers, storytellers, poets, etc. ! Book Jol website referenced by
AstroScopeX - Excellent educational event held in May with astronomy and telescopes as the main topics. Join for evening star viewing, talks, various workshops, stalls, astrophotography, etc. ScopeX website referenced by

Section 4: Lemon BatteryTo top of page.

LemonLemon Battery Lemon Battery website referenced by
LemonThe Lemon Battery Challenge The Lemon Battery Challenge website referenced by

Section 5: KnowledgeTo top of page.

KnowledgeThe Free Information Society. Knowledge on a wide range of subjects, ranging from technology, science, mathematics, history, people, arts and entertainment. Free Information Society website referenced by
KnowledgeHeinrich Boell Stiftung Southern Africa, supporting civil society initiatives in Southern Africa. Subjects include nuclear power, summer schools, etc. Heinrich Boell Stiftung website referenced by
ScienceSci-Enza, Pretoria at UP. Sci-Enza (Discovery Centre) website referenced by
ScienceThe Academy of Science of South Africa. ASSAf website referenced by
ScienceThe Southern African Association of Science and Technology Centres (SAASTEC) encourage the appreciation of science and technology. SAASTEC website referenced by
GeologyCouncil for Geoscience CGS, Pretoria. Council for Geoscience website referenced by
MathA very good mathematics resource on a wide range of subjects. MathWorld Wolfram website referenced by
FireworksThe Pyrotechnics Guild International. Enthusiastic about fireworks? Educate yourself in safety and keep abreast with the latest developments. The Pyrotechnics Guild International website referenced by
AtomicLaboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences. Uses sub-atomic particle accelerators. Laboratory for Accelerator-Based Sciences website referenced by
HistoryMuseums Online South Africa (MOSA)TM is a heritage portal for art, science and culture. Museums Online South Africa (MOSA) website referenced by
SparkSparkmuseum, a collection of knowledge concerning vintage radio, scientific instruments, electricity, electric lighting, books, tube sets, crystal radio, vintage making of movies. Sparkmuseum website referenced by
SpeakA collection and information of South African spoken languages. South African Languages website referenced by
XtalSetThe Xtal Set Society experiments with radio electronics. The Xtal Set Society website referenced by
XtalSetThe Vintage Radio Emporium, history, books, crystal set, etc. The Vintage Radio Emporium website referenced by
MapSAGeo-Information Society of South Africa GISSA. GISSA website referenced by
CapacitorA site with information about capacitors with links to other capacitor sites and a glossary of capacitor terms. Capacitor Industries website referenced by
BuildingThe journal is a monthly publication focusing on sustainable building. An environmental friendly product directory is available. e-Journal of GreenBuilding website referenced by
PISAThe Plastics Institute of Southern Africa. PISA website referenced by
NOAANOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US Department of Commerce. Focusing on the condition of oceans and atmosphere, also include science resources for students and teachers. NOAA website referenced by
BCIBattery Council International, the trade association for the lead-acid battery industry. The lead-acid battery life cycle involve manufacturers, recyclers, marketers, retailers, suppliers of raw materials, equipment and industry consultants. BCI website referenced by
SAESociety of Automotive Engineers, vehicle, heavy duty and aerospace. Read the amasing history and the establishment of the SAE. A World In Motion was developed for grades 4 to 8. Design competitions for university students. SAE website referenced by
RoboticsSociety of Robots. All about robotic design, tips of the trade and making use of purpose build cutting edge technology. Society of Robots website referenced by
BooksBooks and more books in the month of March ! Spend a couple of days in the exciting and adventurous world of writers, storytellers, poets, etc. ! Book Jol website referenced by
ScienceExploratorium, a museum of science, art and human perception. Exploratorium website referenced by
LabourInternational Labour Organization - A system of international labour standards guiding women and men in a productive work environment. International Labour Organization website referenced by
CementConcrete Manufacturers Association - Learn more about precast concrete products within Southern Africa. Concrete Manufacturers Association website referenced by
ScienceUP with Science at the University of Pretoria - join an exciting community of the sciences for high scholars ! UP with Science, University of Pretoria website referenced by
Sea RescueNational sea rescue institute, saving lives on South African waters ! National Sea Rescue Institute website referenced by
DANScuba diving medical safety advice DAN | Divers Alert Network ! Divers Alert Network website referenced by
DANSADAN is your dive safety organisation ! Divers Alert Network SA website referenced by

Section 6: FoodTo top of page.

HoneyRoyal Jelly. All About Royal Jelly website referenced by
HoneyRoyal Jelly. Royal Jelly website referenced by
VinegarThe Vinegar Institute. Everything about vinegar and its uses, featuring history, statistics, household and laundry tips, recipes, up to date news as well as vinegar's health and medicinal benefits. The Vinegar Institute website referenced by

Section 7: WildlifeTo top of page.

BirdBird ringing, SAFRING, Southern Africa. SAFRING website referenced by
BirdMonitoring the Weavers of the World. Weaver Watch website referenced by
BirdBirdLife South Africa. BirdLife website referenced by
BirdBirdLasser record your bird sightings. BirdLasser website referenced by
WildlifeVolunteers in support of SANPARKS. SANPARKS website referenced by
WildlifeEndangered Wildlife Trust. Endangered Wildlife Trust website referenced by
WildlifeWildlife and Environment Society of SA. Wildlife and Environment Society of SA website referenced by
WildlifeWWF South Africa conservation organisation. WWF South Africa conservation organisation website referenced by
WildlifeWilderness Foundation Africa. Wilderness Foundation Africa website referenced by
MarineThe South African Association for Marine Biological Research. The South African association for marine biological research website referenced by
PenguinPenguin watch. Penguin watch website referenced by

Section 8: Open SourceTo top of page.

ComputerBlender 3D animation software. Blender website referenced by
ComputerInkscape draw software. Inkscape website referenced by
ComputerPython scripting language. Python website referenced by
ComputerSecure Socket Layer. OpenSSL website referenced by
ComputerOpen Office application software. Open Office website referenced by
ComputerOpenGL, the industry's foundation for high performance graphics. OpenGL website referenced by
ComputerPostgreSQL database management software. PostgreSQL website referenced by
ComputerFirebird database management software. Firebird website referenced by
ComputerBerkeley database. Berkeley website referenced by
ComputerosCommerce, open source e-commerce. osCommerce website referenced by
ComputerXAMPP, Apache distribution of MySQL, PHP and Perl. XAMPP website referenced by
ComputerPHPBB PHP Bulletin Board. PHPBB website referenced by

Section 9: OtherTo top of page.

BooksBookCrossing ! Let your books travel the globe and track their journey ! Visit the website for more BookCrossing information. BookCrossing website referenced by

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